Two Wars

Two Wars Screenshot Gameplay
Two Wars Screenshot Gameplay
Two Wars Screenshot Gameplay
Two Wars Screenshot Gameplay
Two Wars Screenshot Gameplay
Introduction - Two Wars
Two Wars Screenshot Gameplay
Two Wars Screenshot Gameplay
Two Wars Screenshot Gameplay
Two Wars Screenshot Gameplay
Two Wars Screenshot Gameplay
header Two Wars

A band of survivors must cope with both an alien invasion, lack of resources and themselves

Supported Systems:
Publisher: › Triority
Developer: › Triority
Release Date: 09-07-2018

About Two Wars

About this game

Two Wars is an interactive (non-visual) novel, set in the aftermath of an alien invasion and the almost complete annihilation of the human race. With no word on being rescued and supplies running out, a band of survivors are soon more at each others throats than at their enemies.


This is a short two part story, with the first part consisting of four chapters (coming soon)

Features music by Kevin MacLeod (Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0) and Josh Woodward, with title graphics by Javier-Rodriguez


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