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How to Turn off Comments on Facebook Post (PC or on ...

 · It is that easy to turn off comments on Facebook post! I hope you found this Itechguide helpful! If you did, kindly vote Yes to “Was this post Helpful” question below.. Alternatively, you could use the “Leave a Reply” form towards the end of this page to leave a comment or as a question.

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How to turn your PC on and off using Cortana (Text and ...

 · This tutorial will show you how can you power on your PC with Voice commands with your phone using the VoiceWake App (Lite or Pro) with simple step by step instructions.It may be possible with future updates to tell your PC to turn on without relying on your phone.

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Turn By Turn – GPS Tuner

Turn by Turn Navigation provides premium quality car navigation with voice instructions for Windows Phone devices . You simply tap a point on the map or search for an address or location ( POI ), select it, and click on the ” Go ” button.

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Turn an Old PC Into a NAS, VPN, Media Streamer, and More ...

We've shown you some other great uses for an old PC, like using FreeNAS 8 to build a home NAS or using Ubuntu to build a fully-featured home server, and Amahi takes a similar approach.If you're an ...

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PCGuide | Your Trusted PC Advisor

PCGuide helps you find the right PC products for your needs by providing in-depth reviews, buying guides and how-to's on the latest PC tech and hardware. PCGuide helps you find the right PC products for your needs by providing in-depth reviews, buying guides and how-to's on the latest PC

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Turn on Computer With No Case - Guides - PC Matic Forums

 · Im sure most of us know this trick since it was maybe one of the only ways to do an outside case test. But since motherboards now have onboard power and reset buttons, we have forgotten our old ways. Here is a quick update to refresh you old timers. All …

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BattleTech for PC: A beginner’s guide - Polygon

 · BattleTech, the turn-based strategy title from Harebrained Schemes, has a deceptively steep learning curve.You can spend an awful lot of time slamming missiles into the side even the lightest ...

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Work with Smart Guides in Photoshop | Adobe Photoshop ...

 · Work with Smart Guides. Search. ... Turn your Smart Guides on. By default, Smart Guides are on. To make sure they are on, choose View > Show > Smart Guides. For this tutorial, you will also need your rulers visible. Choose View > Rulers to ensure that rulers are on. Change your ruler to pixels.

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Can I turn guides on/off in Photoshop? - Content - The ...

While designing in Photoshop (I use CS3), I like to use the guides to make a grid or to keep various elements lined up. Occasionally I like to turn them off (view->clear guides) so I can see how ...

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Create and work with ruler guides in InDesign

Ruler guides are different from grids in that they can be positioned freely on a page or on a pasteboard. You can create two kinds of ruler guides: page guides, which appear only on the page on which you create them, or spread guides, which span all pages and the pasteboard of a multiple-page spread.You can drag any ruler guide to the pasteboard.

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How to Turn off YouTube Notifications (PC or YouTube Apps)

 · This Itechguide teaches you how to turn off YouTube notifications. The guide offers steps to turn off YouTube notifications from a PC or from the YouTube Apps. YouTube offers global Settings to manage notification but you can also turn off notifications for channels you subscribe to.

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Build Guides - PCPartPicker

Enthusiast Intel Gaming/Streaming Build. Intel Core i5-9600K; Parametric Video Card (Chipset: GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER) Fractal Design Meshify C ATX Mid Tower

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Game Guides, Walkthroughs, Strategy Guides, Maps, Cheats ...

The game guides are available on our website, but we also encourage you to download PDF files or read our guides as ePubs on your e-book readers, smartphones and tablets. Owners of Apple devices can also download individual guides from Apple iBookstore or download our free app called Free Game Guides, which works on iPhones and iPads.

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How to turn on WhatsApp Dark Mode on iOS 13 and Android 10

WhatsApp Dark Mode on iOS 13 and WhatsApp Dark Mode on Android 10 is here, allowing users utilizing both operating systems to change modes on the messaging service.. The new mode has been heavily ...

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Call of Duty: Warzone Best Settings for PC, PS4, Xbox One ...

 · If you're looking for the Call of Duty: Warzone best settings on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, this is the guide for you. Discover what we think the best settings could be within.

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Guides : Turn off UAC in Windows 7, 8, & 10 | SentryPC

Turn Off UAC (7, 8, & 10) Listed below are step-by-step instructions for enabling/disabling user account control. Step 1 : To access the UAC settings in Windows 7, type "UAC" (no quotes) into your Start button's "Search programs and files" box, or Control Panel search box.

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Alignment Guides in Word 2016 - Microsoft Community

 · Does anyone know how to turn on alignment guides in Word 2016? It is missing as a choice in the "Align" area. Thanks. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question (157) Subscribe ... I'm on PC too.

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How to turn on a computer | Digital Unite

If you’re sharing your computer with other people, each one will usually have their own account. When you turn on the computer, the screen will look something like this: When you click the icon above your name, you’ll be asked for a password. The main user or administrator should set this up …

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Opt out of sending telemetry data to Microsoft in the ...

Opt out of sending telemetry data to Microsoft in the Dynamics 365 Guides PC app. 01/28/2020; 2 minutes to read; In this article. For privacy reasons, you can turn off the ability to send telemetry data to Microsoft when you use the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides PC

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How to Turn Off Your Computer - dummies

To turn off your computer when you’re done using it, you need to initiate a shut down sequence in your operating system instead of simply turning off the power. Choose Start and then click the Shut Down button. If you prefer to stop your computer running but not turn the power off, click the arrow […]

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