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Easy Science Experiments, Videos, and Science Fair Ideas

Find easy science experiments, watch experiment videos, and get Science Fair ideas from Science Bob!

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Simple Science Experiment: DIY Bouncy Balls - Babble Dabble Do

 · DIY Bouncy Balls is a project from the book Science Around the House: Simple Projects Using Household Recyclables by Roz Fulcher and published by Dover Publications. Dover has kindly sponsored this post but all opinions are my own. And they are all fab! I have actually been a big fan of …

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HOW TO MAKE A BOUNCY BALL Easy Kids Science Experiments ...

 · HOW TO MAKE A BOUNCY BALL Easy Kids Science Experiments WhizKidScience. Loading... Unsubscribe from WhizKidScience? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working... Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 74.3K. Loading

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How to Make a Bouncy Ball: Make Your Own Bouncy Ball With ...

Mold the ball in your hands. It will be sticky at first but will become more solid as you roll it in your hands. You now have a bouncy ball. Try bouncing it. How high does it go? Store your ball in an airtight container or Ziploc bag so it doesn't dry out and crumble. What Happened:

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Make Your Own Bouncing Balls - Science Bob Store

About Science Bob Store. The Science Bob Store was created by “Science Bob” Pflugfelder, a science teacher who knows what it takes to make science fun and exciting. Check out our collection of science toys, educational toys, and classroom science kits as well as our videos and experiment ideas.

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How to Make Bouncy Balls - The Stem Laboratory

 · Looking for a fun and simple science activity that’s sure to entertain the kids?! In this quick, five minute experiment, little chemists mix up their own homemade bouncy balls. Making bouncy balls is a hands-down science favorite for kids! Check out the simple step-by-step below and then join The Plato Pack so you can access DOZENS more jaw […]

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Science Bob - Sony Bravia Bouncy Ball Commercial | Facebook

Simple Science Experiments For Kids. 16,870 Followers · Education. The Science Teacher_NSTA. 8,705 Followers · Magazine. A Capella Science. 322,783 Followers · Video Creator. Real Science-4-Kids. 20,543 Followers · Product/Service. ... Science Bob Videos Sony Bravia Bouncy Ball Commercial ...

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How to Make a Bouncing Polymer Ball - ThoughtCo

While balls have been used as toys forever, the bouncing ball is a more recent innovation. Bouncing balls were originally made of natural rubber, though they are now made of plastics and other polymers and even treated leather. You can use chemistry to make …

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Science Experiment - Purdue Extension

The bouncy ball in this activity is made from a polymer. Polymers are molecules made up of repeating chemical units. Glue contains the polymer polyvinyl acetate (PVA), which cross-links itself when reacted with borax. Source: Utah State University Kitchen Science Discover 4-H Club. Science Experiment: Bouncy Balls . Project: Arts & Crafts, Science

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Bounce No Bounce Balls | Experiments | Steve Spangler Science

Bounce No Bounce Balls The black rubber balls look and feel identical in every way except in the way they bounce. One ball bounces like a super ball while the other ball is “dead .” Since the balls look and feel the same, it’s easy to switch the “no bounce” ball for the …

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On the Rebound: The Height Limits and Linearity of Bouncy ...

In this physics science fair project, students will investigate the rebound height limits and linearity of dropped bouncy balls. ... On the Rebound: The Height Limits and Linearity of Bouncy Balls. ... Drawing shows a bouncy ball at four different stages as it is dropped …

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Science Experiments on Bouncing & Rolling | Sciencing

Science Experiments on Bouncing & Rolling ... Hold a tennis ball at chest-height, drop it onto a hard surface and notice how high the ball bounces. Then, place the tennis ball on top of a basketball and hold both balls so the tennis ball is again at chest height. ... Ball …

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Science of SuperBalls | HowStuffWorks

The elastic qualities of polybutadiene give SuperBalls their amazing bounce. But the synthetic rubber has another fun feature -- a high coefficient of friction, which means the material can really grip a smooth surface.This accounts for the unusual spins you get …

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Bouncing Ball Physics: What is Elasticity? | Science ...

Bouncing Ball Physics: What is Elasticity? ... What makes a ball bouncy? Have you ever wondered why some balls bounce higher than others? ... In this science fair project, we’ll investigate bouncing ball physics to determine which ball has the highest elasticity and …

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bouncy balls | The Mad Scientists Club

 · Perhaps the first and most famous bouncy ball was the Super Ball created by Wham-O (the company also responsible for frisbees, the Slip ‘n Slide, etc.). Here are some interesting facts and trivia about that classic toy, as noted on The bouncy ball was invented in 1965 by Norman H. Stingley and sold as the Super Ball by Wham-O

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Bouncing Polymer Ball Lab Results? | Yahoo Answers

 · I am supposed to be completing this lab, but i don't have the materials so my teacher told me to search online for the results. I can't find anything, so please help. For your lab report, you will experiment with the ratios between the amounts of glue, cornstarch, and borax. Adding more cornstarch will make a ball that stretches and bends.

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Exploring bouncing balls - Science

Five different kinds of balls, all of which bounce pretty well: tennis ball, ping pong ball, super balls of different sizes, solid rubber ball, etc. Note: As the mass of the ball is an important factor in this exploration, either have a balance available for student use, or find the mass of each ball prior to the experiment and mark each ball ...

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Make your own bouncing ball or silly putty – Inventors of ...

Bouncy Ball The cool thing about this project? It takes a few minutes and a few simple ingredients, and you've made a bouncy ball! Downside... it's not a great bouncy ball. ... Make your own bouncing ball or silly putty ... plus clues from Science Bob, and Home Science Tools. I also tested, for comparison, different methods, from Paging Fun ...

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Bounce No Bounce Balls - Steve Spangler Science

The Bounce No Bounce Ball demonstration is a one-of-a-kind, hands-on demonstration into molecules and their composition, but the possibilities don’t stop there. Bounce No …

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Bouncy Egg Science Experiments

In this experiment, we are going to turn a regular raw egg into a bouncy egg. The result will be an egg that feel rubbery (like a bouncy ball) and does bounce. Just be sure not to bounce it too high unless you are ready for a messy result! Watch to the end of the …

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