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Risen vs. Risen 2 :: Risen 2 - Dark Waters General Discussions

 · Personally, I thought that Risen 2 was better. Issues with the combat, but Risen 2, in my opinion, boasted better writing and a far more interesting and better realized world. One of my personal favorites and, let's be honest, you are going to have a hard time finding another quality pirate rpg. I say go for Risen 2.

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Risen vs. Risen 2: Dark Waters - YouTube

Zagrajmy w Risen 2 Mroczne Wody - odcinek 7 - Morris i jego plan, Strzelnica, Walka z Jaguarem, Lola

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Is this better than Risen 2? :: Risen 3 - Titan Lords ...

 · Regarding the gameplay Risen 3 is better because it is more polished, it has a better fighting system and a more varied magic system. However Risen 2 has better story, atmosphere, characters and a more consistent lore.

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Risen vs Risen 2 - preferred, disliked features - and what ...

 · In Risen 1 the combat system was awesome, while Risen 2 was sometimes quite funny with the pirate them. But one game with pirates is enough, so it is good that Risen 3 will not have it. What I wish for is more companions which are memorable...

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Start with Risen 1, or jump in with Risen 2? - Risen 2 ...

I would recommend starting with the first Risen, primarily just because it's cheaper right now, and Risen 2 will probably be a more enjoyable experience when it gets patched (hopefully). The first...

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Risen 1 VS Risen 2 - PC/Mac/Linux Society - GameSpot

Hey G'Spotters!So, after having a blast in Risen and feeling that Piranha Bytes were doing good, I really looked forward to Risen 2.The immersive world of Risen made me feel like I was playing an ...

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RISEN 1 vs RISEN 2 vs RISEN 3 :: Risen 3 - Titan Lords ...

 · RISEN 1 vs RISEN 2 vs RISEN 3 your chart < > Showing 1-15 of 47 comments . Alienware Gamer ALX. Dec 17, 2016 @ 6:19am :) #1. The King Possum. Dec 17, 2016 @ 9:56am 3, 2, 1 3 years later I would like to change the order, right now it is: 1 by far is the best. I replayed it and learned it better and think it is by far the best and least buggiest ...

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Risen 2 besser oder schlechter als Risen 1 :: Risen 2 ...

Risen 2 ist vor allem größer (Mehr Landflläche, mehr Dialoge), dafür fand ich aber das Kampfsystem viel zu simpel. In Risen 2 muss man am Anfang noch blocken und schiessen. Ab einem gewissen Punkt hats bei mir dann gereicht nur noch wild auf die linken Maustaste zu hämmern. Konterattacken, Konterparaden, etc. musste ich das ganze Spiel ...

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Worth playing Risen 2 and 3? : worldofgothic

I just got an awesome new computer, and my old one wasn't powerful enough to play Risen 2 or 3, so I am thinking of picking them up now. I really loved the first Risen as well and Gothic is probably my favorite game series, with G1 having my favorite story/atmosphere, G2 my favorite world to explore, and G3 the best music I guess.

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Risen 2 Changes? - Risen Message Board for PC - GameFAQs

This is what will make Risen a 7/10 game vs a 10/ modding imo is what made the Gothic series truly fantastic. The game itself was great but the varies additions added by random people is …

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Risen 2 vs. Risen 3 - Takarigua - YouTube

 · Risen 2 vs. Risen 3 - Takarigua SineCordis. Loading... Unsubscribe from SineCordis? Cancel Unsubscribe. ... Risen 2 - Dark Waters - Soundtrack 16 Pirate Town Part 2 - Duration: 3:03.

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Risen 2: are there any differences from Steam version ...

 · Jennifer: I got Risen 2 on Steam a long time ago and it was a bit buggy, so I put it on hold and still haven't gotten around to playing it. Has anything been fixed or changed in the GOG version? (I don't mind buying it again if the GOG version is better, but if there's no difference I might as well play the version I already have.) Thanks!

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Combat system - Risen 1 vs 2 vs 3 in-depth comparison ...

 · Risen 2 No shields, but can block the majority of non-ranged attacks with melee weapon (including most animal/monster attacks that you couldn't block without a shield in Risen 1, though oddly Sand Devils can't be blocked). Block is either successful or not, no block break. Risen 3 No shields, but can block non-ranged attacks with melee weapon.

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Алюминиевый обзор - Risen 2 - YouTube

 · Не прошло и три месяца, а новый обзор уже подкатил. На этот раз я вам принес посмотреть про второй Ризен. Кто ...

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Risen 2 Gameplay - YouTube

 · Read our Risen 2 Hands-on Preview at Risen 2 is developed by Piranha Bytes and published by Deep Silver. It is available on April 24, 2012.

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Risen 2: Dark Waters Let's Play - YouTube

A blind let's play of Risen 2: Dark Waters, the sequel to Risen.

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Raised vs Risen - What's the difference? | WikiDiff

Verb (rais) (label) To cause to rise; to lift or elevate.# To form by the accumulation of materials or constituent parts; to build up; to erect. #* Bible, (w) xxxix. 3 I will raise forts against thee. # To cause something to come to the surface of the sea.

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Risen 2: Dark Waters Review - IGN

 · Verdict. With Risen 2 Piranha Bytes continues to demonstrate skill at crafting big, believable worlds. Dark Waters is at times beautiful, offering a finely detailed set of …

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Is Risen 2/3 worth getting? : worldofgothic

Risen is by far the best game of the series. As others have mentioned, the pirate setting and island hopping of 2 and 3 aren't that great. They also use a completely different character system and a fairly weak combat system, espeically compared to other PB games. there is very little variation and it is more finicky than usual.

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Which is the best Risen game? : worldofgothic

Risen 1, thats it, the other two are garbage. You can consider Risen 2-3 like Gothic Arcania was for the gothic series, not really a game you would consider a gothic. level 1

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