Remaining in a dream

Remaining in a dream Screenshot Gameplay
Remaining in a dream Screenshot Gameplay
Remaining in a dream Screenshot Gameplay
Remaining in a dream Screenshot Gameplay
Remaining in a dream Screenshot Gameplay
Remaining in a dreams - Remaining in a dream
Remaining in a dream Screenshot Gameplay
Remaining in a dream Screenshot Gameplay
Remaining in a dream Screenshot Gameplay
Remaining in a dream Screenshot Gameplay
Remaining in a dream Screenshot Gameplay
header Remaining in a dream

Explore the colorful world in which our hero is stuck and help him out!

Supported Systems:
Publisher: › Droid Riot
Developer: › Primitive Studio
Release Date: 15-10-2016

Remaining in a dream - Review

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Renk" href="" tar/ sadly did not recieve this product for free. DO NOT waste your money on this uncomplete, boring, pointless school project. : by :BrownBox: on Steam
When ront thouke thcally competent, but not early access when it needs to be because content for that reason this is less than an Elves Adventure. : by UnimaginativeHandle on Steam
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I do find it interesting the games that are available on steam. I think the game get's some hate because it seems like a project from some let's make a game workshop. It comes with steam cards which help offset t : by Monte Plays Games on Steam
Bad game, graphics are terrible, settings and gameplay awful as well not even worth the 25 cents i paid : by xxrawr_mombanger420YT_TTVxD69 on Steam
Well... Game is still unfinished , and has only graphic options : by Adroxan on Steam
Thve got the game for $0.10 with a coupon. I wouldn't suggest paying anymore than that for it. : by Chondrite on Steam
: by SpaceCowX on Steam
$0.10 is far too much for this crap. : by ygarian on Steam


Oct 18, 2016 All Reviews: ... Includes 3 items: Remaining in a dream, The face of hope: ... Our hero is stuck in his dreams and he is constantly moving from...

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6 days ago That doesn't mean giving up on your dream, but it does mean recalibrating ... and letting them know you remain very interested in the company.