One Of The Last

One Of The Last Screenshot Gameplay
One Of The Last Screenshot Gameplay
One Of The Last Screenshot Gameplay
One Of The Last Screenshot Gameplay
One Of The Last Screenshot Gameplay
Trailer - Mk 3 - One Of The Last
Trailer - Mk 2 - One Of The Last
Tutorial - One Of The Last
Multiplayer - Trailer - One Of The Last
One Of The Last Screenshot Gameplay
One Of The Last Screenshot Gameplay
One Of The Last Screenshot Gameplay
One Of The Last Screenshot Gameplay
One Of The Last Screenshot Gameplay
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Fancy pushing the dead around? Real physics based enemies for total immersion with extensive maps to explore! Move freely and join 4 co-op multi-player madness!! Unlock new areas, grab perks, drink soda-can power-ups, wall-buy weapons, build barriers, make crawlers and uber up that gun!!

Supported Systems:
Publisher: › Deep Voodoo Gaming
Developer: › Deep Voodoo Gaming
Release Date: 20-12-2017

About One Of The Last

"One Of The Last" has been built upon the best features of those games that inspired us, creating a unique Virtual Reality experience that is NOT another "wave shooter".

Spread over four maps, the game allows you to experience immersion on a whole new level with physics based zombies - push them around, knock them over and watch them react to shots and explosions. Whether your removing limbs to create crawlers or going for head shot glory, they get quicker and stronger as you buy and unlock your way through complex maps with puzzles and paths to follow. With fantastic machines to enhance and gamble your gun, your quest to enhance your body with powerful soda tins will see you through.

Supporting 4 player co-op multiplayer you can hold back the dead through sharing your weapons, protect your team mates, build barriers and work collectively to unlock new areas and machines.

Over 14 weapons; including the M32-GL RPG Launcher, Ray-Gun and CF-3 Lightning gun. Distraction items such as flares, grenades, noise / fire cracker grenades and smoke bombs allow you breathing room but just don't forget the boss rounds... they just want you...

We are highly active development team, releasing major updates every few weeks and work actively with our community to build an exciting, deep and explorative game. Come chat with you and see if you can help shape our game.


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