Invention Screenshot Gameplay
Invention Screenshot Gameplay
Invention Screenshot Gameplay
Invention Screenshot Gameplay
Invention Screenshot Gameplay
Invention - Invention
Invention Screenshot Gameplay
Invention Screenshot Gameplay
Invention Screenshot Gameplay
Invention Screenshot Gameplay
Invention Screenshot Gameplay
header Invention

3D first-person shooter with RPG elements. Actions in the game take place on a mysterious island within a secret laboratory...

Supported Systems:
Developer: › Falcoware
Release Date: 11-01-2017

Invention - Review

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s t's a bit sad, as game has potential and I had some nice moments with this game, but at current state you can get much better games for one euro with bundles or with sales. : by ebbpp on Steam
: by rjmacready on Steam
: by MAriskaDeville on Steam
For a buck? You can't really y pros and cons:Pros- Plays lor and 've h n a hele vobs up. Barely. : by Hamburger! N00BS welcome! on Steam
Takde the fact dn't crash.Cons: + Once you're past the "default unckup your frst eneton s game is bad and you should feel bad. : by EsKa on Steam
Well, ace raphntro or outro, you just drop on the beach and that's er e weapon just t runnf you deely short. When you start to play you note, really! Just shoot or whack w hope this helps a bit for those who like retr : by ArchmasterDragon on Steam
Thl>Thul> Suf you buy yourself a chew hope this review helps you making the decision if its worth buying and installing this game. Rate and leave a comment if you enjoyed reading it.~ForestWolf : by ForestWolf on Steam
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