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Hero (Fossil Fighters) | Fossil Fighters Wiki | Fandom

The Hero, called Hunter (Japanese: リュウマ Ryuuma ) in the comic, is the protagonist of Fossil Fighters. His starter Vivosaur is a Spinax. He is often said to be half the size and have double the talent of a normal Fossil Fighter. Trivia At the beginning of the game, Captain Travers will ask you...

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Hero | Fossil Fighters Wiki | Fandom

This article is a disambiguation page for Hero The following is a list of links to pages that might share the same title. Please follow one of the disambiguation links below or search to find the page you were looking for if it is not listed. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. The main character of Fossil Fighters ...

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Nychus | Fossil Fighters Wiki | Fandom

Nychus has the lowest maximum LP of any vivosaur in Fossil Fighters: Frontier. Nychus' new appearance in Frontier is reminiscent of V-Raptor's design in the first two games. This may be an homage to the Velociraptors featured in the Jurassic Park franchise, which were primarily based on Nychus' real world counterpart, Deinonychus.

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Hero (Champions) | Fossil Fighters Wiki | Fandom

The Hero (Dino; リュウヤ Ryūya) or Heroine (Dina; りゅうか Ryūka), of Fossil Fighters: Champions, is the best friend of Todd.They are predominantly silent protagonists, although the NPCs seem to know what they say while they communicate by miming, though sometimes it is noted that they "explain" certain things to other characters, though no definite words are given.

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Hero (Frontier) | Fossil Fighters Wiki | Fandom

The Hero (Jura) and Heroine (Tria) are the protagonists of Fossil Fighters: Frontier. Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. Both heroes make an appearance along with Nibbles as a Trophy in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS.. Trophy Description: "Jura and Tria are dinosaur-loving kids, as well as fossil fighters.

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Rosie | Fossil Fighters Wiki | Fandom

When battling Rosie in Fossil Fighters: Champions, she seems very hostile and often regards hero as her rival. She is bitter if she loses, sometimes even insulting the hero. History Fossil Fighters. Rosetta "Rosie" Richmond is the slightly silly and completely spoiled partner character in the game to the Hero.

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Fossil Fighters - Wikipedia

Fossil Fighters received a score of 32 out of 40 by the Japanese magazine Famitsu. The game was the third best-selling game in Japan the week of its release at 35,000 copies sold. By the end of 2008, Fossil Fighters had sold 240,176 copies, making it the 15th best-selling DS game of the year in the region.

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Fossil Fighters: Ultra | Fantendo - Nintendo Fanon Wiki ...

Fossil Fighters: Ultra (Fossil Fighters: Extreme in Australia and Europe and Ultra Fossil Diggers in Japan) is a video game for Nintendo 3DS developed by Red Entertainment and is the sequel to Fossil Fighters: Frontier. It is known to have over 200 Vivosaurs and have fusion and power stones, as well as hybrid element types. This game will be released on April 17 2018 worldwide to commemorate ...

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Green Hero Mask - Fossil Fighters Message Board for DS ...

For Fossil Fighters on the DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Green Hero Mask".

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Fossil Fighters / Characters - TV Tropes

The Protagonist of the first Fossil Fighters. Named Hunter in the manga. A girl around the protagonist's age, met on his first fossil dig. The granddaughter of Mr. Richmond, who owns Vivosaur Island. A mysterious girl who's met a few times early on and is eventually revealed to be one of the ...

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Fossil Fighters Champions ALL Cutscenes - YouTube

 · (I apologize for the poor audio quality. It snaps, crackles, and pops worse than a box of Rice Krispies! Headphone users! Beware!) ~LIST OF CUTSCENES~ Fossil Fighters Champions Opening The Hero

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FF OST: Boss Battle Theme - YouTube

 · Medal-Dealer Vegeta. Our new desktop experience was built to be your music destination. Listen to official albums & more.

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Fossil Fighters: Hero League | Fossil Fighters Fan Fic ...

"As a note to all of the fossil fighters, please do not bother Rupert or try to steal locks of his hair. These orders come from FossilDig Inc." Linda R. Porter and her cameraman walked out of the Treasure Lake area, and the crowd stood, staring at Rupert for a few moments, until they broke away, listening to the orders. Rupert started scowling.

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Best team? - Fossil Fighters Q&A for DS - GameFAQs

Fossil Fighters: Champions. In this dino-tastic sequel, players get some hands-on time to hunt and clean fossils, and revive and battle Vivosaurs... Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs. Helping Pokemon Get Out of a Pinch The third installment in the action-packed Pokemon Ranger series lets players take...

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Battle Start! Fossil Fighters Frontier OG Super Smash Bros ...

 · Fossil Fighters Frontier OG Super Smash Bros Ultimate Music Extended YouTube; Relax Jazz Piano Music 24/7 Relax Cafe Music 1,858 watching. Live now; Relaxing JAZZ For …

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  • 0 voted by users Fossil Fighters: Champions: Video Games

 · Fossil Fighters from all over the world compete against one another to find out who is the best Fossil Fighter. Using DS Download Play, one player who has the game can link up wirelessly with another Nintendo DS owner within range so both can cooperate to expertly clean fossils together

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Fossil Fighters Anime Opening - YouTube

 · This is my magnum opus. Hey look! I figured out how to video edit. Huh. Also this took like 6 hours Also, thanks Aryan for uploading a template: https://www....

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Top 10 Super-Evolver Vivosaurs From "Fossil Fighters ...

 · Hey there! Finally, here's another top 10 video! Today's Video is my Picks for the "Top 10 Super Evolver Vivosaurs" From "Fossil Fighters: Champions". For this list, we'll be looking at my ...

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I will never be far away Chapter 1: Holding Hands, a ...

I will never be far away… A Fossil Fighters 30 day OTP Challenge between Hero (Hunter) X Duna. A/N: Hello everyone. Dragontalon 486 here with my first story. After reading a few 30 Day OTP Challenge fanfics and after reading the guidelines for this challenge, I want to try this for a few reasons.

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