ECHO Screenshot Gameplay
ECHO Screenshot Gameplay
ECHO Screenshot Gameplay
ECHO Screenshot Gameplay
ECHO Screenshot Gameplay
ECHO Screenshot Gameplay
ECHO Screenshot Gameplay
ECHO Gameplay Trailer - ECHO
ECHO Trailer - ECHO
ECHO Announcement Trailer - ECHO
ECHO Screenshot Gameplay
ECHO Screenshot Gameplay
ECHO Screenshot Gameplay
ECHO Screenshot Gameplay
ECHO Screenshot Gameplay
ECHO Screenshot Gameplay
ECHO Screenshot Gameplay
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After a century in stasis the girl En arrives at her destination: A Palace out of legend. Out here, using forgotten technologies, she hopes to bring back a life that shouldn’t have been lost. But nothing could prepare her for what she’ll face in the ancient halls below.

Supported Systems:
Publisher: › ULTRA ULTRA
Developer: › ULTRA ULTRA
Release Date: 19-09-2017

ECHO - Review

Thechanethechan'm only probably an hour and a half into the game at this point, so I can't speak to the length, but already it's one of the more compelling game experiences I've had this year. : by Narshero on Steam
love the e a can't even find the motivation to finish the story once, and that's why I give it a thumbs down. : by Ulcerus on Steam
Es ful sets. The palace ntereste traon. Thatfft lackce ECHO let t is also interesting to note that the game has a movie in the pipeline. Nothing solid. It has only been optioned (2019). But they supposedly have John : by Sigmar's Sausage on Steam
"Haha, you cant walk n water*"sh!t, sh!t, Sh!t, SH!T, SHae, the Ans f you le yourself [ ]Blae yourself for creatame got Gorgeus graphics*Updated for xp* lol : by Spikerev on Steam
's ort starts off wous Av class="bb_h1">Bent nto the water. Don't want theously the s rarely a vbat can be very ted, slow and uneventful lav class="bb_h1">Pos> Does offer consl> Very l> Orl> Excellent voul> A sl> : by ElusiveOne on Steam
ECHO has one unthout spot y es t's not really a story that stands out th e to sprany assets were reused and repauss decent, but I feel like the developers could have made it a lot better if they'd set their prior : by Sergeant Satsuma on Steam
"Learncally the Aakes for sonnethaybe buy this, its pretty good : by GRRRR on Steam
Thts a coraphive it a try, as its one you will spend hours on. : by ehanig on Steam
t anseve the hype. No matter the slick presentation, the game mechanics at the core simply don't make for a very fun time. : by Kalt on Steam
suals: Clearly the vque ce actets pobles: Oh yeah, the oals: Bassuals: n ate oney and time despite its flaws. If they trimmed down a few levels to reduce the redundancy and increased/included some randomized patrols to inc : by Rarharg on Steam


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