Damnation Screenshot Gameplay
Damnation Screenshot Gameplay
Damnation Screenshot Gameplay
Damnation Screenshot Gameplay
Damnation Screenshot Gameplay
Damnation Screenshot Gameplay
Damnation Screenshot Gameplay
Damnation Screenshot Gameplay
Damnation Screenshot Gameplay
Damnation Screenshot Gameplay
Damnation Screenshot Gameplay
Damnation Screenshot Gameplay
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Evolving the shooter genre with its unique and exhilarating combination of fluid action and combat, Damnation features huge, open environments, frenetic combat, daredevil acrobatics and high-octane vehicle-based stunts.

Supported Systems:
Publisher: › Codemasters
Developer: › Blue Omega Entertainment
Release Date: 22-05-2009

Damnation - Review

bat sucks, rapht.e t was not an an the end I still enjoyed it, give it a try if you are open minded and not just use to AAA games. 6/10 : by Lombax47 on Steam
nhs s sopunk sett can for will repeat myself again: steam bikes are just cool. : by Ewelinka on Steam
Ths coaae of the asuals aren't also that mended even from a sale because nothing in this game feels good, nothing. : by spessu_sb on Steam
was expectf only th can't recommend this game. Maybe it could get neutral but we all know you can only say yes/no to games, so it's a "no" from me. : by Furrek on Steam
Not too bad, bit short and very buggy game, feels rushed and unfinished but aside from that it's not terrible. The platforming system is pretty good, the gunplay is like Gears of War and there are some parts where you : by Lopper on Steam
Desptive side, movement animation in the action is nicely done, the controls are intuitive, and most of the world you are running around in is kind of beautiful (if you like steampunk). There are some nice puzzle situation : by johannes_franke on Steam
I finished this game a couple of weeks ago, and this game, along with Ubersoldier 2, Wolfschanze 2 (which is not bought through Steam) told me one thing: game review is such a private thing that it differs so much among ga : by LiuScarlett on Steam
Only ever buy ng riding the ♥♥♥♥ing walls in your mother♥♥♥♥in motorbike then turbo-ing up the ceiling through the sky and far beyond the reaches of any true man. : by sgtlion on Steam
Oh boy, when s game is a true messterpiece and I can recommend it to everyone with the right kind of humor. : by The wrong Joker Meme on Steam
On these days "standards", this game would be (at most) a EA... Much potential and so few work/effort put on. Too many glitches (some of which are a bit funny, not that great graphics (even for the time), bad gam : by ita on Steam


You won't find much hope in Damnation and that's an absence that can only exist unfilled for so long. Nov 8, 2017 | Rating: C+ | Full Review… Steve Greene.
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Nov 3, 2017 In the new USA drama "Damnation," two brothers find themselves on opposite sides of the labor movement in Depression-era Iowa.

Nov 6, 2017 You can read the title of the USA drama “Damnation” a couple of ways — damn nation, damned nation — that both work. It's hard to figure out...

Nov 6, 2017 The familiar antihero standoff at the center of USA's Depression-era drama ' Damnation ...Duration: 1:50
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Nov 7, 2017 Damnation, a new USA pseudo-Western debuting tonight, is about dark men doing dark things, and the cost it has on their souls. It is, in other words, a show you've seen before, a show you might even be as tired of as I am. And yet I liked Damnation's first four episodes, despite the sense that I had seen it all before.

Nov 7, 2017 'Damnation' Review: USA Network's Overwrought Western Series Takes a Sledgehammer to Happiness and Subtlety...

Nov 7, 2017 Metacritic TV Reviews, Damnation (2017), Seth Davenport (Killian Scott) is biding his time in the guise of an Iowan preacher to start an...

Nov 2, 2017 USA's 'Damnation' brings some liveliness to the tired art of period pieces.Duration: 1:00
Posted: Nov 2, 2017

Sarah Jones in Damnation (2017) Damnation (2017) Brad Pajot in Damnation ( 2017) Sarah Jones in ..... 16 November 2017 | by talayo – See all my reviews.

Nov 7, 2017 Allison Keene reviews the USA series Damnation, where two warring factions of farmers and strikebreakers in 1930s Iowa butt heads over their...

Jan 25, 2018 Why Godless Got the Attention Damnation Deserved ... the collective critical consciousness (Paste reviewed it twice), while Damnation fell flat?

As such, viewers need to spend their time wisely, and the wise ones should definitely be tuned into USA's new neo-western drama Damnation, which takes...

Nov 7, 2017 Debuting tonight on USA Network, Damnation is a heartland-set tale straight out of the Great ...Posted: Nov 7, 2017

Nov 7, 2017 The first episode of Damnation is a simmering depiction of 1930s class struggle.

Feb 5, 2018 One of the perks of having the mother of all colds is that you can immerse yourself with a series if you are lucky to find something you really like.

Nov 13, 2017 Violence, racism, antiheroes in dark Depression-era drama. Read Common Sense Media's Damnation review, age rating, and parents guide.

Feb 12, 2018 Damnation is an American period drama television series. The series was ordered on May 12 ...Duration: 11:54
Posted: Feb 12, 2018

Nov 7, 2017 Bleak and nasty, "Damnation" brings a "Mr. Robot" vibe to the Depression era, wrapping class warfare and hostility toward wanton capitalism in...

Damnation is an American period drama television series. The series was ordered on May 12, ..... The review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes reported a 64% approval rating, with an average rating of 6.36/10 based on 25 reviews.

No. of seasons: 1
Original release: November 7, 2017 –; January 18, 2018
Producer(s): Tom Cox; Jordy Randall; Nellie Nugiel; Brian Dennis
Production company(s): No Possum Productions; Entertainment 360; Turnpike; Universal Cable Productions

Damnation is a steampunk shooter, developed by Blue Omega Entertainment and published by .... Damnation received "unfavorable" reviews on all platforms according to the review aggregation website Metacritic. IGN reviewer Greg Miller ...

Engine: Unreal Engine 3
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Release: EU: May 22, 2009; NA: May 26, 2009; AU: June 4, 2009