Backfire Screenshot Gameplay
Backfire Screenshot Gameplay
Backfire Screenshot Gameplay
Backfire Screenshot Gameplay
Backfire Screenshot Gameplay
Backfire Steam Trailer - Backfire
Backfire Screenshot Gameplay
Backfire Screenshot Gameplay
Backfire Screenshot Gameplay
Backfire Screenshot Gameplay
Backfire Screenshot Gameplay
header Backfire

A small action game for 1-2 players, walk about and blast as many enemies as you can, and hopefully make it to the end.

Supported Systems:
Publisher: › Chim Ruoi Games
Developer: › Chim Ruoi Games
Release Date: 17-05-2017

About Backfire


Backfire, a fast-paced action game for one or two players.

Fight your way through 8 levels in five different environments, blasting down hordes of varied enemies.

Near future, crime and corruption is rampant, and the corporations
control the streets. Lucky for you, there is always time for R&R at the
international orbital station. Open 24/7, alcohol, gambling, women... it's got all a man could want, hell, even what a woman could want. Two mercenaries are relaxing, having fun, when all hell breaks loose. The station is under attack, but the attackers will get more than they bargained for... isn't that right?


*Eight levels spanning five different environments
*Nine varied enemies and three bosses
*Six different weapons
*Two light mech suits to wreak havok in
*360-controller support
*Two player local coop


Black Deniro and Byron Squally Vinson in Backfire (2017) Dave Patten and Becca Parmet at an event for Backfire (2017) Dominic Costa in Backfire (2017) Dave...

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