Anode Screenshot Gameplay
Anode Screenshot Gameplay
Anode Screenshot Gameplay
Anode Screenshot Gameplay
Anode Screenshot Gameplay
Anode Trailer - Anode
Anode Race Gameplay - Anode
Anode Screenshot Gameplay
Anode Screenshot Gameplay
Anode Screenshot Gameplay
Anode Screenshot Gameplay
Anode Screenshot Gameplay
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Anode reintroduces the classic falling-block puzzle genre, with new twists and challenges! Link blocks back and forth across each other. Match angled couplers to create chains of multiple colors. Play Mission Mode and complete randomly-generated objectives for more challenge!

Supported Systems:
Publisher: › Kittehface Software
Developer: › Kittehface Software
Release Date: 05-10-2015

Anode - Review

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7.4/10 - One of the ds NOT nv class="bb_code"> : by AccidentlyOnPurpose on Steam
Thghly recommend playing this game as it has potential to be better with updates (online multiplayer, please). : by Samy Salti on Steam
Tht runs so s would not recone nd fr also found that the achievements were way too easy, I got all the "challenging" ones within my first 5-6 games - without even seeing the difference between yellow and green. : by ubbe on Steam
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I just bought this game on a whim during the Summer 2017 sale. It was a great price so I tossed it in my cart. I am really glad I did. It looks similar to Tetris-- but it isn't a clone. There is more to it than fa : by Alice Springs on Steam
k's s thle : by Ryan Dorkoski on Steam
Anode b> the falling block puzzle game Steam needed. It's very different from a standard falling blocks puzzle game as you match pieces not horizontally and vertically, but also diagonally as well. You create chains o : by Note on Steam
t is really hard to mess up this basic and classic game concept and Anode rather adds to it with said changes. It has various different modes one should be familiar with if you ever played a more recent tetris version (End : by Bloomingtide on Steam
t has a load of f you like that, seek out Slydris - it's not available on Steam but is worth finding as it's also a rather excellent Tetris Variant!! : by shrewdlogarithm on Steam


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