Biologger is a hard as nails retro platformer. Make your way through unique worlds each with a different and exciting twist. On your journey scan and research creatures to complete your logs. Biologger was developed with speedrunning in mind - how fast can you beat the game?

Cyber Agent Mystery DLC

This is a mystery DLC of Cyber Agent, if you download it you will get lucky!

Carrots And Cream

An interactive meditation on the violence of nature and nutrition.

Shadow Dreams

Your world falls apart after a major panic attack, that sends you from the real world into the Shadow Realm, fight your way through the 6 kingdoms of your mind where you understand how to deal with your emotions and use them as your weapons.

Cybxus Heart

Cybxus Hearts inspired by classic Japanese shooting games. This is a game where you control three different characters at the same time.


Oh no! You got stuck trying to get the chest. Find the way out.

Out Of Control

Out of Control is a platformer where the controls randomize each level!

ANIMALITY 500 Minigame Tokens

Start the game with 500 Minigame Tokens and start playing the available minigames straight away

Lens Island

Build, fight, farm and explore. Experience your own path. Whether it's building the home of your dreams, tending to your crops and watching the sun go down. Or explore the mysteries of the Island and the darkness underneath, but you may want to take a sword with you.