Craft In Abyss

Craft in Abyss is a base construction rogue-like game. It Allow players to design their own mechanical fortress, gather resources and continuously strengthen the fortress facilities within a cyberpunk world.

Faraway Lands Rise Of The Yokai

Faraway Lands: Rise of Yokai is a fantasy colony simulation game set in Feudal Japan.Build your town, gather resources, explore new lands, trade with other cities and defend your town against the risen Yokai threat!

Seek GirlFog

"Seek Girl: Fog I" is a strategy adventure game where you will rescue trapped girls in the mysterious fog. The suddenly appearing mist in the Kingdom Forest trapped the girls in it。You are a warrior recruited by the king to rescue the lost girl.

Against The Storm

A roguelite city builder set in a fantasy world tormented by the everlasting rain. Settle the unknown wilds to discover and rebuild the ruins of a long-forgotten civilization. Develop technologies that will help your citizens tackle destructive storms and extend the frontier of your civilization.

The Zone Stalker Stories

This is the Zone -- a post-apocalyptic world where strangeness and confusion are the norm, filled with treasure, danger, exploration and strategic card battles.

Prehistoric Hunt

Prehistoric Hunt is a daring hunting adventure where the land is filled with dangerous dinosaurs. Be smarter than your opponent and score your biggest catches.

Rolling Arcade Level Pack

Did you master all the levels in Rolling Arcade, and want to test your skill on more difficult ones? Get the Level Pack and receive 10 more tables, which doubles the content of the original game.

Witch And Spirit

Play Hide and Seek in the Mistery Land with friends in Compete Mode or Collaborate Mode.

Sirenhead Ducks Hunt

Sirenhead: Ducks hunt is a horror game about hunting Sirenhead! You are plaing by the duck detective who need to find Sirenhead and kill that beast.

Seven Doors

Solves riddles and secret languages, overcome dangerous situations and becomes part of a giant chess game. Atmosphere, mystery and enigmas await you to surprise you and test your skills... Seven atmospheres, seven challenges, seven solutions. Will you reach the seventh door?