Space Mining

Space Mining is a game of strategy and deck building! Winning games you will get new cards, and powerful equipments to get special advantages in the next match! You can play in LOCAL or play ON-LINE to challenge new opponent or against AI. An innovative gameplay for a brand new card game!

Sunshine Manor

Sunshine Manor is an 8-bit blood-soaked Horror RPG that pits you as Ada. Dared to spend the night in the haunted Sunshine Manor she encounters ghosts, demons, blood-soaked horror and more in this prequel to 2016's Camp Sunshine.

The Adventures Of Bluke Bifton

The Adventures of Bluke Bifton is a bizarre point-n-click adventure game set in a world of complete absurdity. Ally (or make enemies) with a cast of strange characters, and make choices that determine your fate.

Wanted Raccoon

WANTED RACCOON is a 3rd person raccoon simulator with a storyline and extensive research space. Steal food, ride a skateboard, be inconspicuous, fight with people, create equipment, upgrade skills, lead resistance and find a kidnapped family!

The Maze

The Maze- a giant maze set to challenge any puzzle fanatic.


Do you have what it takes to perform everyday tasks and curve balls life gives you to survive this quarantine? If you do you will get out this quarantine successfully and life will go back to normal.

Somewhere Sect Of Relic

Year 1990. Hakan received a squeaky call by his wife. He came around in an her place and tried to find her. Wandering down narrow roads he suddenly understood... It was the place where supernatural had been spilled. And A sect comes to the city.

Widgets And Gidgets

You are a lowly gnome, making parts, earning shinnies, building (and repairing) machines on a quest to earn 1 million shinnies.


VELUCITY, a rhythm game with a new feel, is released in Steam through Early Access! Enjoy the game with a keyboard that anyone can easily start with.

Maidens Of The Ocean Solitaire

Maidens of the Ocean Solitaire is a watery tale you won’t soon forget! It’s the time of year when every mermaid in the ocean attends the fabulous aquatic party. Help the lovely merfolk prepare by escorting them to the event.