The rogue-like strategy game Offcoast takes place in a subterranean, underwater landscape.

Dude Where Is My Beer

An old school point and click adventure game about finding a pilsner in the confusing world of unnecessary craft beers and snobby hipsters.

The Search For DEEP Loving

With 30 days to try and discover your soulmate, you have to work each day to get past the crazies. Unfortunately, online dating is not always the safest way to meet people and each date could be fatal. Will you meet your soulmate? Or will you crash and burn, literally, in your search?

Roopit And Boopit

A Cartoony, Co-Op, Puzzle Game with a Quirky Charm!

Corpse Castle

Corpse Castle is a procedurally animated high-velocity twin stick fighter set in a deranged body-horror mystery where you must use your bare hands (or what’s left of them) to construct a tower from the flesh and bone of those who stand in your way.

Pair Matching Puzzle Connect Expansion Pack 11

In Pair Matching Puzzle Connect - Expansion Pack 11 game, your goal is to find all matching pairs. It's a kind of matching game or connect game. It is very fun to play, really challenging and very addictive. Become an expert level by level. Pair Matching Puzzle Connect - Expansion Pack 11 is designed for adults and for kids.


Exceptionally clever one-touch puzzle-platforming

Ellys Cake Cafe

Collect juicy fruits, candy, cookies and jam in our relaxing casual game


In this DLC you can find 12 additional hi-resolution winter season pictures for main puzzle game.

Occupy Mars Prologue

Occupy Mars: Prologue is the perfect introduction to the world of Occupy Mars in which you have to use your brain in order to survive.