Nullum is a minimalist puzzle game. The goal is to eliminate all tiles by creating matching numbers.


apokalipso is a 3D Platformer/Puzzle Game that allows you to hack itself to achieve.


Fresh technical drawing aesthetics meet elegantly designed logic challenges in this minimalist puzzle game with just a dash of colour.

Lost Cube

This game is a new type of shooting game. Highly liberalized. Custom properties, even monster generation can also be through your freedom to master. Those who are interested can download.30 * 6 attack modes, free combination combo!

Space Shooter

This is a simple space shooting game which suits for kid who's between 5 to 7 years old.

Love Wish 2

Love Wish 2 is a relaxing and challenging casual game that is completely upgraded more than our previous games! You'll get Love Points while playing the levels, and use them to summon(draw) pretty girl cards.

Patter Warrior

This is a first person shooting game. The player plays a special soldier in a small town full of enemies. Players are free to explore the surrounding areas. Players can kill the enemy or avoid the enemy's attack, and try to keep their health value alive for a long time.