Lithium City

Lithium City is a stylized isometric action game set in a neon-drenched world of electricity and violence.


What if you are on an elephant toy battling around in your child-hood toy room? Operate your favorite toy tank mechanically but easily to explore through the cartoon-styled world. Search for the targets, and Ready, Aim, Fire!

Soul At Stake In The Cloud Roses Outfit


Beyond Dawn

In a world where time is the most precious commodity of them all. You must guide your team of D.A.W.N agents in the epic struggle against the band of rebels led by their charismatic leader Manes. It’s up to you, will world order prevail or slip into the chaos that awaits…Beyond Dawn?

Paper Dolls 2

Paper Dolls 2 is a first-person horror adventure game. Yang MingYuan followed his daughter’s footsteps and climbed to the second floor of Yin Mansion. In the face of the ubiquitous ghost, Salvation or Destruction? The choice is in your hands.

The ER Patient Typhon

You wake up armless at a foreign emergency room. You can’t remember the accident, and the doctor treats you with a strange drug. Unfold dark secrets in your attempt to get out of the ER that has no visitors.


The AI system has failed for unknown reasons. AI has lost its memory, and the system seems to have a secret that we don't know. Use your console system and play 3 games to repair your AI system! To repair it with AI, Spend more time with AI, and find the secrets.

Higher Critters 1v4

Higher Critters is a western-styled multiplayer (1vs4) game. 4 human volunteers are sent to the territory of orcs to rescue the pets and prevent them from being transformed into baby orcs. While an adult orc is guarding the territory......


You are a MAGURO and have to swim through six stages with perfect control and the fastest speed in the world. Let's blow away anyone who gets in the way with a MAGURO bullet. There is no remaining-lives system in this game.However, you will be called a "sluggard" if you do too much continuation.

Kidnapped Girl

The main character, named Clive, considers himself a psychopath. He has long wanted to hurt someone. So Clive kidnapped a girl on his seventeenth birthday. But the victim was more complicated than he'd thought.